Shame on me X 2

I didn’t realize quite how long it’s been since my last post so I apologize for not posting more or sooner.

Life has been quite busy for me both professionally and personally.  Professionally, my office is changing accounting systems so I’ve spent quite a bit of time taking classes.  Personally, I’ve connected with my local NAMI office so I’ve been attending NAMI Basics for the last few weeks and a NAMI parent support group meeting.  And I certainly can’t forget The Boy who has twice said he’s going to kill himself while he was at school.

The first time he said it he also ran into the bus loop so a bus could hit him.  He said it was because the kids were making fun of him and laughing at him, the teachers were laughing at him and he hated his life and wanted to die.  We had a very serious talk with him when I got home from work including telling him how much we’d miss him and it would hurt us if he killed himself.  We also reminded him of all the wonderful things in his life he would miss.  We also figured out a new calm-down spot for him at school.   As far as I knew we got through to him. Then came the second incident….

I partially blame myself for this one.  I’m constantly telling him if he hurts someone and they have to go to the doctor he will have to pay the bill.   One of his classmates called him an “idiotic bee”.  He made sure I knew it was “b-e-e and not the other b word”.  The Boy told his classmate he was going to kill himself so Classmate and/or his parents would have to pay for The Boy’s funeral.  *facepalm*  We had a little chat with him and informed him this was definitely not acceptable and he needs to learn to ignore thse kinds of taunts.  Unfortunately, he’s extremely sensitive so trying to get him to ignore stuff like this is a whole other kind of challenge I’ll tackle in a later post.

On the positive side, he advanced to the next behavior level at school and earned a trip to tour the State Capitol to visit the State Police and their K-9 division as well as the pumpkin patch. He’s already painted a pumpkin to look like a vampire something-or-other so we’ll carve the one from the pumpkin patch.  This is a win-win in my book.


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