It’s that time of year

We’re two and a half months into fifth grade and it was time to review The Boy’s IEP.  Does any parent enjoy these meetings?   I started liking them more when TB started at his current school two years ago and they put every single thing I asked for in his IEP including working on his handwriting.  That may sound ridiculous to some people but he’d start a sentence with a capital letter, the next sentence with a lower case letter, words were too close or too far apart and he took up half the page with 10 words.  This was at eight years old and his handwriting has improved immensely.

The first thing she told me was we need to seriously consider transitioning him back to a NT (neuro-typical) school after winter break.  Um, put my child that is known to curse, make threatening statements and run when in the midst of a meltdown back into a school that suspended him 20 times in kindergarten alone and kept insisting there wasn’t a problem??  She explained that she had taught in this middle school for years and it would be the worst environment for him.  The kids there were nothing like the ones in elementary school.  These kids had no other school that would take them due to their past transgressions (for lack of a better word) and TB would have no friends.

There was much more but I’ll save that for the next post.


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