That time of year – part 2

It’s been a rough time between work and TB but an early New Year’s resolution is to post more. More about the IEP meeting….

The second thing Teacher told me was middle school was hard enough without being the new kid in school.  She said we want to transition him into a new class now so that he’ll make some friends and then go to middle school with them.  I call this a win-win situation.  But I had one huge request when it came to putting TB into a NT school.  Under no circumstances did I want to receive phone calls on a daily basis informing me my child used threatening language or profantity and I needed to pick him up.  Every single teacher/administrator he’s had along with his doctors and us know this is how he is and we’re working on helping him learn to express his anger in other ways but we also know he’s not serious nor has he ever done anything that would make us think he would go through with what he says.

The team agreed the solution was to put this in his IEP.  I practically cried right then and there with happiness.  Heck, I’m tearing up just writing this post.  They get me and actually listen to my concerns and want what’s best for my son.  They’re not just trying to meet some ridiculous criteria set by the county or state.  This is why I adore his school and the staff there and will miss them so much when we move on.

With the end of the year it’s time to think of teacher gifts.  It can be hard to think of a present for one teacher especially if you have more than one child.  We have one child but eight teachers/administrators for whom we’re buying something.  His main classroom has one teacher and two aides, the classroom he has for science/social studies has one teacher and two aides, he has PE multiple times a week and he has class with his teacher from last year too.  We always get a Barnes and Noble gift card but I like to make something special or have him make something too but I never think it’s enough.  The staff at our school goes above and beyond what’s expected of a special ed teacher so I want to give them what they deserve but there is nothing that can express the depth of admiration and gratitude I have for them.  All  can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts for teaching and loving our extra special son.


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