Being thankful and Stigma Fighters

I started this blog last July thinking I’d talk about my family, stuff on my mind or in the news, i.e. pretty much anything that came to mind.  I was preparing to go to a taping of The Big Bang Theory and figured I’d talk about that when I got home.  Sadly, not long after our group got out of the taping I saw that Robin Williams had died.  I later read he suffered from depression and anxiety.

Over the last year, I’ve noticed more and more stars talking about loving someone with a mental illness or sharing their own struggles.  I admire and respect anyone that decides to make this private part of their life public as it helps fight the stigma, but the star I admire the most is Demi Lovato. She was 18 when she revealed she has bipolar.  She could’ve waited until she was older or not even mention it at all but she did and for that I am thankful.

I’m thankful she spoke at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) National Convention in Washington, DC in September 2014.  I’m thankful she stood with NAMI to #Act4MentalHealth.  I’m thankful she joined Virginia State Senator Craig Deeds (D) whose story also touched me not just because his son suffered from bipolar but because I’m a Virginian.  But, I am most thankful that her talking about having bipolar at such a young age is helping to fight the stigma.

There are many, many more people fighting the stigma and one of the ways they’re doing it is by sharing their stories on Stigma Fighters.

Stigma Fighters is an amazing blog series about real people living with, loving someone with or, as in my case, parenting someone with a mental illness.  SF was started by Sarah Fader, a wonderful writer I found through another wonderful writer, Jenn Marshall (whom I will rave about in a later post).  A few weeks ago, Sarah asked me to write an article about how I was fighting the stigma.  After freaking out over being asked sharing the news with my husband here is the article –

This month’s session of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Division of Capitol Police “12 Months of Awareness” Campaign ( is about mental illness.  I emailed them some questions about the session and mentioned I had written an article about children and bipolar and they asked me to share a copy of the article with them so I sent them the link.

Please share this post or any post on with your friends, family, teachers, and/or anyone you think would benefit from it because to me the best way to fight the stigma is to talk about it.


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