Supernatural episode Wendigo in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

I’m now sobbing. This is so good!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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Supernatural episode Wendigo in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Three guys camping
At Black Water Ridge at night
Inside their tents
Relaxing by the glow of artificial light

A phone in hand
A video game to play
A quiet way to unwind
Unaware of the harm to soon come their way

A roar
And a dark shadow raced by their tent
What was this figure
To see where it went

An evil in the woods
Death makes its call
Robbed of the sanctity
As tragedy did befall

Meanwhile Sam Winchester was asleep
Nightmares his painful lot
Mourning Jessica
And a love not soon forgot

The Winchesters boys
Following John’s trail
A journey to Black Water Ridge
Will the search for dad prevail

But in their desire to find dad
And to discover how Jessica was killed
Sam and Dean still hunt
The brothers use their skills

Tommy Collins was missing

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